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Halycine's "One More Try" Video Reviewed by Impose Magazine


Hatred. Deceit. Revenge. These are just some of the motifs that make themselves known as cast members of Halycine— Chloe Raynes’ newest project post-Blue & Gold— and its latest track. Through a Lynchian take on a cat and mouse game, Halycine’s video debut for “One More Try” is bold, dark, and telling of their music. Directed by Raynes herself, the video feels so enthralling, it’s easy to forget that it’s a music video at all.

“One More Try” spotlights Raynes’ haunting lyrics, spontaneously calling to mind moments of both Bethany Cosentino and Jenny Lewis. Driven by heartache and fueled with hope, Halycine’s track comes to life through gutsy guitar lines and soothing vocal harmonies. Against the video’s images of betrayal and broken trust, “One More Try” adds a layer of anguish and truth.

Filled to the brim with twists and turns, the two female leads strap us into a rollercoaster ride of the darker side of life, and we never really understand what caused them to seek revenge in the first place. But that’s the beauty of Raynes’ work– it’s more fun to guess than have all the answers presented on a tray.